About Makar Press

Makar Press has been founded with the specific aim of producing fine print limited edition books and portfolios.

Through our own workshop, and in association with other individuals, we will produce publications to the highest standards in contemporary print, design and image making.

We are presently establishing a print studio which has facilities for letterpress and lithography.
Our first publication will be Heliographs – a print portfolio by Australian painter Idris Murphy.

Projects in production include texts on poetry and poetics with a polyglot edition of Charles Olson’s
‘The Kingfishers’ – a seminal 20th Century long poem at the birth of postmodernism.

We commission work from writers and artists internationally with the press’s publishing base in Australia.

James Taylor is a poet, editor and typographer. He was the founder and past-president of the Australian Printing Historical Society and has edited and produced numerous literary and book arts publications.
An MCA graduate and Honorary Fellow, School of Journalism and Creative Writing, University of Wollongong, his award-winning publications are in the collections of TheNational Library of Australia, The National Gallery of Australia,
The Art Gallery of New South Wales, and the Bibliotheque National, among other national and international collections.

He is founder and editor of Boxkite: A journal of writing & poetics.

The whole enterprise of Boxkite is wonderful, invigorating and, without being in the least nostalgic, gives back to printed literature its discursive resonance, that power to circulate outside the page that most writing lacks.
— Paul Carter
Boxkite is the most impressive journal of writing and poetics published in recent memory . . . It fills a real need, certainly in the United States, probably for the English language as a whole.
— André Spears
The world has just gotten smaller – or is it just that Boxkite makes poets from around the world see like neighbors. Boxkite bridges gaps too long left gaping. It is necessary reading.
— Charles Bernstein
Boxkite is one of the liveliest, most elegant, cutting-edge poetry journals available today. It juxtaposes Australian poetries and poetics with those of the U.S. and U.K. so as to make very interesting connections. Beautifully produced, it is a feast for the eye as well as the mind.
— Marjorie Perloff
As a designer and typographer, Taylor is in a class of his own.
— Sydney Morning Herald
Boxkite achieves a certain authority in its design.
— Chicago Review
There are lots of exciting developments in poetry . . . reading through journals like Boxkite . . . it’s amazing how much interesting work verbal/visual in nature–there now is.
— Régis Bonvicino (Brazil)
In a very wise way Boxkite has been changing the dense routine of isolation and indifference in Australian poetry by opening the doors and its pages to international poetry.
— Alforja: Revista de poesia (Mexico)
Boxkite is an exceptional journal on the literary front. An international journal edited from Sydney by the Scottish poet James Taylor. Through Olson and Duncan he brings Australian writing out of the shallows and towards the “great fire source.
— Literatur & Kritik (Salzburg)
Boxkite is astonishing, vast and full of wonderful material. It’s also one of the very few magazines that tries to encompass the English-speaking world rather than stay parochial.
— Shearsman (UK)
I once heard it said that, after my work with Olson, Duncan, Zukofsky et al, the fate of American avant garde publishing was located in the U.K. for some years. Now perhaps it is in Australian hands with James Taylor’s Boxkite which seems to have gotten to the summit of what is possible.
— Nathaniel Tarn